“The Bandit King” on Strange Horizons

My poem “The Bandit King” is up on Strange Horizons! Find some chilling autumn spookiness here:


And the podcast, with a reading by the poet (hey, that’s me!):



Read a sample chapter of BRAIN FREEZE!

Brain Freeze (Oddinary #1)

by Kelly Stewart

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brain freeze sample kelly stewart

When Jonquil “Jonny” Oddy turns fifteen, she draws forth her spirit guide, her source of wisdom and uncanny power: her fetch…who promptly possesses her best friend Kaleb. Now Jonny has to drag Kaleb along on all her assignments, the first of which sends Jonny, Kaleb and Blake to an art gallery… (See my previous post on Brain Freeze here.)

Chapter 6

“Our first job!” exclaimed Jonny. “Are you excited?”

“I would be more excited if it was conveniently located at the beach or a chocolate factory or something,” said Kaleb. “I guess an art gallery is glamorous, but it’s not very fun.”

“I don’t think it’s in the budget to send us to a theme park,” said Jonny. “Maybe someday. But I’ll see if I can swing a trip to a chocolate factory. I hear some shady things go down there. Chocolate rivers without a permit, undocumented squirrel labourers…”

“That was a book.”

“You never know, sometimes real life writes the plot.”

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BRAIN FREEZE available now!

_Oddinary 1 Brain Freeze cover smallererMy novella BRAIN FREEZE is now for sale in print and ebook formats!

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It’s the first in the Oddinary series, which will follow the adventures of Jonquil “Jonny” Oddy, a hitch-witch and paranormal investigator. One small “hitch” in her plans . . . Her new spirit companion accidentally possesses her best friend Kaleb. But hey, what could possibly go wrong?

Oddinary is best described as Scooby Doo meets Buffy. (I feel I must also attribute some inspiration to The Magic School Bus. Kaleb is basically high school AU Arnold. Hahaha.)

I set out to write a humourous paranormal fantasy, but somewhere along the way, BRAIN FREEZE also became a story about mental health, particularly dealing with the feeling of powerlessness that comes with seeing a loved one afflicted by depression and anxiety. This story holds a lot of meaning for me, thematically, and simply for what it is: I first started work on it in 2012, and now, finally, in 2019, it’s a book! I hope BRAIN FREEZE is meaningful for others, too, and I hope you’ll check it out.

Two quick ones

I changed my primary Twitter handle to @rarebitsays. The old @rarebitdream still exists for nerdy ramblings. Links to my Twitter on the site have been changed to reflect the new handle. Hooray for rebranding!

Second, I have now added a link to “In Regards to the Recent Donation of Your Daughter” on the Publications page. A direct link to the story had been missing, so now you can go straight there to read it, with that rad parchment background. 🙂 ❤

A webcomic?!

I started a webcomic! (More of a serialized graphic novel, really.)

KNAVES is about four princes from four neighbouring kingdoms.

They…don’t get along very well.

The first eight pages of KNAVES are up. Start from the beginning here:

You can also look at character bios and maps with some background on the setting.