Two quick ones

I changed my primary Twitter handle to @rarebitsays. The old @rarebitdream still exists for nerdy ramblings. Links to my Twitter on the site have been changed to reflect the new handle. Hooray for rebranding!

Second, I have now added a link to “In Regards to the Recent Donation of Your Daughter” on the Publications page. A direct link to the story had been missing, so now you can go straight there to read it, with that rad parchment background. 🙂 ❤


A webcomic?!

I started a webcomic! (More of a serialized graphic novel, really.)

KNAVES is about four princes from four neighbouring kingdoms.

They…don’t get along very well.

The first eight pages of KNAVES are up. Start from the beginning here:

You can also look at character bios and maps with some background on the setting.